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Ultra Heavy Loads

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We Plan Your Future

As our long-term partner for the supply of special steel wire ropes, MHT is the best premier supplier of mission-critical advanced cords and ropes.

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We are best in the field

MHT is Authorised Dealer for ‘Usha Martin’ Make Steel Wire Ropes.

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We take challenges for you

MHT manufacturers polyester webbing slings using the most advanced
production equipments.

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We work for your ideas to have strength in the toughest environments

Development of top quality products

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Featured Products

has developed expertise in the product and can suggest the suitable items or method to meet the customer requirements.
The team is always ready to extend complete support, to meet the needs and the expectations of our valuable customers.
Over the years, MHT has developed goodwill for quality product and meeting delivery schedule of our customers across all industries and continues to strive for more perfection each day. 

Popular Projects

has 50 years of experience in Heavy material handling industry. Our team of professionals not only utilizes the very latest technology and equipment to complete the job, but they work with ingenuity and dedication to successfully complete your project and continues to strive for more perfection each day. During a rigging project there are infinite possibilities for catastrophe if handled incorrectly, so over the years we have served numerous industries in designing specific rigging solutions with a variety of products and successfully completed a wide range of projects for clients.

MHT ’s prestigious Heavy Lifting project of 300 Tons Nuclear reactor vessel at Bhavani , Kalpakam using 90 MM wire rope slings.

250 MT Lower Tower Erection Project at SAIL  with MHT 80mm Wire Rope Slings and Shackles.

MHT was chosen partner for Heavy Lift 1000 Tons in India

MHT successfully accomplished erection work of  Lord Hanuman’s statue in Trichy temple as social contribution to temple

MHT’s Heavy Lifting project of 200 Ton rigging used in Shipyards

MHT’s  Cylinder lifting and tilting project at Cochin Refineries Limited

MHT team is grateful to our customer

700 Tons Heavy Lift and Erection Project Using MHT 400 Tons Endless Grommets, 200 Tons (115mm) Flemish eye slings with 800 Tons and 400 Tons Shackles

MHT is a Certified manufacturer and stockist of rigging products.

MHT gives undivided attention to the quality of the products and the time frame to deliver the same.

Manufactures numerous rigging products like wire rope slings, chain slings and Webbing slings under UNIFORCE Brand.

Our reputed clients actively collaborate with us for their rigging needs because of our huge infrastructure, heavy stocking and skilled workforce.

Limitless Possibilities
MHT ensures that the good and welfare of the business and all its stakeholders, including employees, customers, the communities where the company operates and the environment are always considered in our CSR efforts.


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