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Steel Wire Ropes

Steel Wire Rope

MHT is Authorised Dealer for ‘Usha Martin’ Make Steel Wire Ropes.  
Usha Martin manufactures a comprehensive range of wire ropes to cater to multiple requirements of users. Usha Martin’s endeavour is to use its manufacturing excellence and technological advances to fulfil its customers’ varying needs. 
Wire rope is a machine with dozens–even hundreds– of individual wires which are formed and fabricated to move or operate at close tolerances to one another. When a wire rope bends, each of its many wires slides and adjusts to accommodate the differences in length between the inside and outside of the bend. The sharper the bend, the greater the movement. Tabulating in a nutshell the breaking loads of steel wire rope across various constructions of ropes.  
Every wire has three basic components: the wires, strands and core. The core may be either fiber (FC) such as sisal, manila or jute, or an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) which is actually a smaller wire rope within the strands of the outer wire rope.  
The wires are predominantly constructed from high-carbon steel, but may also be formed from various metals such as iron, stainless steel, monel or bronze.
MHT  have great depth of knowledge on wire ropes for any application and ready to assist with you rope selection. The wire ropes are used in a wide range of industries including offshore, construction, mining, fishing, defence, elevator, manufacturing and general engineering. 


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