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MHT offers the highest quality domestic and imported rigging components.

Rigging equipments are the devices and elements used to lift the objects safely. During the selection of rigging equipments, Riggers must ensure that the overall rigging setup and individual elements are appropriate for the size and weight of the load in order to avoid overloading the equipment, which can lead to damage and serious safety hazards. The rigging equipment itself should also be sourced from reputable suppliers, in order to ensure that the products are of a suitable standard and quality.

MHT has been appointed as the authorised distributors for world leading companies like Crosby, Gunnebo Industries, Nemag and Yoke etc.

Below are the fast moving rigging equipments. Please select the Brand

Crosby Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of rigging, lifting, and material handling hardwares. 

Gunnebo Industries global leaders in several areas within the lifting- and material handling industry 

To meet your specific requirements Nemag have developed a range of dry bulk grabs. Each grab has its own advantages for your specific application. 

Leading manufacturer of safety equipment and fittings for high altitude operations 

Tufropes is the largest manufacturer of game-changing synthetic ropes and nets.