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Elevator Rope

Usha Martin is an approved supplier to many international elevator manufacturers. Our capacity to cater the elevator OEMS with all types of high performance elevator ropes and value added services have positioned Usha Martin as one of the most preferred brand in the international market today.

Elevator ropes are designed with close dimensional tolerances to facilitate jerk free movement of elevators.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the ropes are closely monitored to ascertain desired tolerances are meet and diameter is consistent to ensure correct contact between the rope and groove. Routine and regular testing for fatigue endurance, elongation characteristics and diameter stability are carried out on a dedicated fatigue test facility to deliver consistent rope performance.

Elevator rope finds application in following:

  • Hoist rope
  • Compensating rope
  • Governor rope
  • Control (Door closing rope)

Size Range:

3 mm to 20 mm (0.11  inch to 0.7874 inch)

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